Working as part of the care team

” Anyone looking after a person with MND should make sure they have as much knowledge as possible. Carers also should not struggle, but make use of the fantastic equipment and aids that are available.” Amanda, professional carer

Working as part of the care team

Below, a health care professional gives her experience of caring for patients living with MND.


To care for someone with MND you will need to be aware of some of the complexities that may arise and the importance of timely referrals to other professionals and services to ensure continuity of care.

As the disease progresses and the person requires more assisted care, training for those involved in the care of the individual is required in the following areas:
  • assisting with medication
  • helping a person who has a feeding tube
  • using an assisted ventilation machine and other equipment
  • moving and handling equipment.

Record Keeping

Accurate records must be kept of all care given and you must document any action taken, issues and the person’s condition at the time. This information should be shared with the rest of the multi-disciplinary team.