The Motor Neurone Disease Association

The Motor Neurone Disease Association is the only national charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland focused on MND care, research and campaigning. It is a membership organisation with over 9,000 members forming a powerful national and local network that provides information and support alongside fighting for improved services.

It has 7,000 active volunteers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and around 170 paid staff, all dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by MND, now and in the future.

You will have found various links to the Association website throughout this module. Below are some other ways in which the Association supports people living with MND and which you may find useful to assist you with those you are caring for.

MND Care Centres and Networks

The MND Association has developed a number of MND Care Centres and Networks across England Wales and Northern Ireland. They improve the support and co-ordination of services for people living with MND. They also promote effective, integrated working between health, social, research and voluntary sectors. Find out the details of the Care Centre in your area.

Regional Care Development Advisers

The Association Regional Care Development Advisers are professionals with a background in health or social care. They can provide detailed knowledge about motor neurone disease and its effects, information about health and social services in your area including MND Care Centres, signposting to Association services appropriate to the people you are caring for. Find out the details of the RCDA in your region.

Association Visitors (AVs)

AVs are carefully selected volunteers who have had thorough training. They are based in local communities and perform a vital role in supporting people affected by motor neurone disease. They may have contact with people over the phone, via e-mail or visit them in their own home depending on the needs of the person and their family and carers. MND Connect or the local RCDA can advise if there is an AV available.

Branches and Groups

These are run by volunteers and aim to provide support for people living with MND and their families. This may include fund raising events, useful talks and a chance to meet other people affected by the disease. Find out the details of your local branch.